10 Steps to Planning for Success in 2022

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2021
10 Steps to Planning Success in 2022
When it comes to planning for success in a New Year, I find that Self Employed, Solo-preneurs, Business owners often make the mistake of waiting till they return to business after the break.
It’s a mistake because they miss out on harnessing the energy of the New Year. Sowing seeds and ideas, and end up starting the year off from a static position.
The consequence is basically a continuation of the previous year and a repeat of the same results and outcomes, reacting to situations, putting out fires or starting out without direction or focus.
Instead of waiting till the year has started and leaving things to chance and accepting results by default, we can plan for success in advance and by design.
So don’t wait until the New Year has begun. Start the process now. Be proactive and use the holiday / festive season to start the New Year strong with Passion and Purpose.
If you want to...
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The Time Management Myth

Uncategorized Dec 14, 2021

Time Management Myth Busted.

Friends often tell me "I wish there were more hours in the day" You might find yourself wishing this too.

The truth is there are no more hours in a day and with the exception of leap year there are 365 days in the year.

Business owners often make the mistake of starting each day without a clear plan or purpose.

It's a mistake because they fall into the trap of doing what's urgent, not important. They get distracted, or they may even fall into the procrastination trap.

The consequence of this is a lack of progress, feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, stressed, tired , hitting burnout, maybe even guilt for not getting things done. Goals are not achieved, business stalls, revenue drops which impacts income or it results in working longer hours just trying to get on top of the workload.

Instead, I suggest planning for success. Forget about time management, focus on managing yourself and create your very own ‘Winning Weekly Routine’.

The benefit of...

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Consistency brings Confidence

purpose Dec 02, 2021
One of the challenges and frustrations of having a business is having inconsistent results. You could be experiencing a number of inconsistencies within your business, from inconsistent leads and sales, to inconsistent service offerings or profits. These all contribute towards uncertainty and that further effects the confidence you have.
If you are experiencing inconsistent results and uncertainty in different parts of your business then you NEED to follow this formula:
Standards + Systems = Consistency
Think about when you order your favourite muffin from the local bakery. How is it that when you get that muffin, it is always the same? The same flavours and texture, maybe even the shape! This all happens because they have a recipe. The same recipe is followed each time they make a new batch. For example, the same ingredients are used to get the same flavours or textures. They then follow steps to ensure nothing is skipped in the process. Being consistent with their...
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Discover how you can achieve more each day without working longer hours.

process Dec 01, 2021
We often wish there are more hours in the day. Even though we have more so called time saving tools and machines we seam to have less time, and our lives are busier than ever.
As a Solo-preneur, or being Self Employed we wear all the hats. From marketing and promotion, sales calls and transactions, handling the finances, managing cashflow, getting the invoices out, processing the accounts, all on top of actually doing the mahi (work). We then have things like health and safety, compliance, and tax.
And that's just the business side of life . We then have other responsibilities around the home whether as a parent, carer, serving at church or sports clubs and we want time to enjoy hobbies and recreation too, which often is one of the first things to go. We need to allow for the covid factor too.
Quite frankly it can be all too overwhelming and exhausting, which is why 85% of businesses don't make their 5th Birthday.
The good news is it...
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Are you using the business chassis to grow your business?

process Nov 30, 2021
Are you using “The Business Chassis” to grow your business?
The Business Chassis is a great tool for you to grow your sales and generate more revenue for your business in just 5 simple steps:
What part of the business chassis do you want to focus on?
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Maximising your Relationships = Maximising your Business

Uncategorized Nov 29, 2021
In the weekend my wife Hayley and I , along with 13 other couples from church headed up to Hanmer for a "Married Couples Retreat". Our church has been running a series of workshops and sessions during the year with a purpose of enhancing and enriching relationships. We spent the weekend reflecting on our lives, marriage and whānau. We looked at marriage from a spiritual, physical, and emotional perspective and we were introduced to some tips and tools that will help us to create an even brighter future.
I gained some valuable insights and realised that I have been less present around the home recently. Upon reflection I realised it was due to some major projects I have been working on. I have been doing some extra study, research for my business and I have been using little time blocks to make some positive progress, which is all good, however there was a consequence.
Reflection is such a powerful process and exercise to do to make changes for the good. It reminds...
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MYB Implementation Program

Uncategorized Nov 19, 2021
The MYB Implementation Program is an online program run over the course of 8 weeks. There are 8 modules you will work through which provide you with strategies and tools that allow you to gain clarity, confidence and make positive progress both personally and professionally. The 8 modules are designed to help you maximise your business by implementing the strategies so you can reap the rewards and benefits immediately.
8 Implementation Modules:
- Laying the foundation
- Creating a bright future
- Promote professionally
- Simplify sales
- Crunch the numbers
- Mastering time
- Monitoring performance
- Finishing strong
By joining the 8 week implementation program you will gain access to all 8 modules which are delivered by easy to digest videos working at your own pace. Worksheets are included and you will have lifetime access to a private and secure members area.
What makes this implementation program special is the weekly LIVE...
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5 Reasons Why I Have Struggled With Online And Social Media

process Nov 18, 2021
5 Reasons I have struggled with Online and Social Media.
Something I have always struggled with is embracing the online space, social media and using it to serve others and grow my business. Here are the 5 reasons why:
#1- I’m an in person, face to face guy.
Being part Māori we value “kanohi ki te kanohi” meeting people (face to face). There’s so much more to communication, language and relationship building when connecting with someone face to face. Different senses, attentiveness, and feeling is experienced compared to other forms such as the online space. There’s just so much more depth and richness in the connection, where trust, rapport and empathy can be established.
#2- Networking.
Networking in person has been very successful for me personally. When I first started out in business I joined a networking group called BNI (Business Networking International ). All the groups in Ōtautahi /...
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Why smart goals are NOT that smart

goals Nov 17, 2021

Here is a video explaining why smart goals are NOT that smart and why you should be aiming to create ISMART goals.

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purpose Nov 16, 2021

Kia Ora,

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So far we have shared:

- Why smart goals are NOT that smart

- 5 reasons why I have struggled with online and social media

- The Life Balance assessment

- MYB Pilot Program

- What business book would you recommend?

There are regular posts covering a range of different topics! Check out our page by clicking the link below and give it a LIKE to stay up to date with the latest strategies, tips and tools so that you can maximise your business.


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