MYB Implementation Program

The MYB Implementation Program is an online program run over the course of 8 weeks. There are 8 modules you will work through which provide you with strategies and tools that allow you to gain clarity, confidence and make positive progress both personally and professionally. The 8 modules are designed to help you maximise your business by implementing the strategies so you can reap the rewards and benefits immediately.
8 Implementation Modules:
- Laying the foundation
- Creating a bright future
- Promote professionally
- Simplify sales
- Crunch the numbers
- Mastering time
- Monitoring performance
- Finishing strong
By joining the 8 week implementation program you will gain access to all 8 modules which are delivered by easy to digest videos working at your own pace. Worksheets are included and you will have lifetime access to a private and secure members area.
What makes this implementation program special is the weekly LIVE Training and Coaching calls. You can get help on any aspect of business, and projects you're working on. Our goal is to help you maintain momentum and achieve consistent results by overcoming any challenges or road blocks. These calls are recorded for future purposes but also if you can not attend a call, you can still have access.
If you'd like to know more please send me a private message with the word "PILOT".

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