Why smart goals are NOT that smart

goals Nov 17, 2021

Here is a video explaining why smart goals are NOT that smart and why you should be aiming to create ISMART goals.

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5 Strategies to Help You Achieve Your Goals

goals process Jun 18, 2021


One reason people fail when trying to accomplish something is that they think the results should be immediate. We have trained ourselves for instant gratification and if it doesn't happen now we are more inclined to give up. Some goals take time, and you will learn and grow from the experience. No matter what you want to accomplish, you can make it happen as long as you have the right strategies and stick with it long enough to see the results. Here are 5 strategies that can help you achieve your goals:


  1. Set SMART Goals


Setting smart goals will help you be more successful in accomplishing your goals. As you may have noticed, the uppercase lettering in the word above is there for emphasis. It is an acronym by which you can assess goals to see if they fit the requirements of being specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and have a designated timeframe for completion. Goals or tasks that fit these requirements have a higher probability of success....

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The Process of Change

goals process purpose Jun 09, 2021

The Five Stages of Change


When going through changes in our personal, professional or business life we tend to go through this process in stages. What we have to keep in mind through the whole process is our end goals and our purpose for engaging in this change. One way we can power through each stage of change is by being aware of what is in store for us at each point. So let’s outline the 5 key stages in the process of change.


The first stage is… EXCITEMENT!!

This is where we are feeling really excited and enthusiastic about our decision to change and we are anticipating all of the positive results that the process of change is going to bring us. For example if you are considering buying a house you can’t wait to have to own space, to be on the property ladder and start to be paying your own mortgage instead of a stranger’s. This change is going to be awesome and you can’t wait, until…


The second stage…...

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Writing a Vision and Mission Statement

goals purpose Apr 21, 2021

How clear is Your VISION and how are you writing Vision and Mission statements?

People can’t be Passionate and Inspired about a Vision they can’t see……that goes for all of us. Three Steps to Bring your Vision to Life

Step 1 of Writing Vision and Mission Statements is: DEFINE the Vision to get Clarity of something far away, we would call upon our trusty Telescope, as the view is significantly clearer than with the naked eye. This is in the context of creating a vision of at least 5 plus years.

I suggest you pull out the Telescope within and use it to create your IDEAL scene. Use it to look out to what the view will be like 5 years from now. Hold that telescope within up to your eye and look through the lens. At first the view is a little blurry. But as you start to turn the focusing dial your view becomes a little clearer. As you’re turning the dial to make the view clearer you’re creating a clear picture of what your business or life is is like....

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Goal Setting Strategy - iSmart Goals

goals Mar 12, 2021

If you want to achieve your goal, then using goal setting strategies can help you become successful. First, you have to ask yourself why is your goal so important to you? Your goal needs to be powerful enough to motivate you to achieve it. If it really doesn’t matter to you whether you achieve it or not, you’re doomed to fail.

You MUST be committed to achieving your goal. Otherwise, when the going gets tough, you won’t get going! You’ll put off the tasks that you need to undertake in order to accomplish your goal because it’s all too hard or you’re having problems in your life and you just don’t have the mental energy to deal with your goal at the moment.

Remember, a goal that is extremely important to you will allow you to power through all the objections you encounter on your way to reaching the pinnacle.

Another important tip for goal setting strategies is to only focus on a few goals at a time. If you have too many goals at once, you...

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Goals and Purpose in Alignment

alignment goals purpose Oct 31, 2019
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