Consistency brings Confidence

One of the challenges and frustrations of having a business is having inconsistent results. You could be experiencing a number of inconsistencies within your business, from inconsistent leads and sales, to inconsistent service offerings or profits. These all contribute towards uncertainty and that further effects the confidence you have.
If you are experiencing inconsistent results and uncertainty in different parts of your business then you NEED to follow this formula:
Standards + Systems = Consistency
Think about when you order your favourite muffin from the local bakery. How is it that when you get that muffin, it is always the same? The same flavours and texture, maybe even the shape! This all happens because they have a recipe. The same recipe is followed each time they make a new batch. For example, the same ingredients are used to get the same flavours or textures. They then follow steps to ensure nothing is skipped in the process. Being consistent with their recipes, results in them feeling confident and certain that what they are serving is up to their standards.
This formula doesn't just apply to business either! Whether its being consistent within your personal life or wellbeing, creating that recipe and being consistent with it will help you to feel confident and achieve what you set out to.
What recipes can you create for your business to have consistency and confidence?

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