The Time Management Myth


Time Management Myth Busted.

Friends often tell me "I wish there were more hours in the day" You might find yourself wishing this too.

The truth is there are no more hours in a day and with the exception of leap year there are 365 days in the year.

Business owners often make the mistake of starting each day without a clear plan or purpose.

It's a mistake because they fall into the trap of doing what's urgent, not important. They get distracted, or they may even fall into the procrastination trap.

The consequence of this is a lack of progress, feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, stressed, tired , hitting burnout, maybe even guilt for not getting things done. Goals are not achieved, business stalls, revenue drops which impacts income or it results in working longer hours just trying to get on top of the workload.

Instead, I suggest planning for success. Forget about time management, focus on managing yourself and create your very own ‘Winning Weekly Routine’.

The benefit of you creating your own ‘Winning Weekly Routine’ will be that you achieve more in less time. You’ll be more productive, achieve better results, and have time to fit it all in. You will have better work/ life balance and experience greater fulfilment and success. Your overwhelm will become over-achieved.

So next time you start your week, make sure you have a clear plan, purpose and priority. Create your “Winning Weekly Routine” !

If you want to get the whole system, check out the ‘Winning Weekly Routine” template and checklist’ at the link below! 

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