5 Reasons Why I Have Struggled With Online And Social Media

5 Reasons I have struggled with Online and Social Media.
Something I have always struggled with is embracing the online space, social media and using it to serve others and grow my business. Here are the 5 reasons why:
#1- I’m an in person, face to face guy.
Being part Māori we value “kanohi ki te kanohi” meeting people (face to face). There’s so much more to communication, language and relationship building when connecting with someone face to face. Different senses, attentiveness, and feeling is experienced compared to other forms such as the online space. There’s just so much more depth and richness in the connection, where trust, rapport and empathy can be established.
#2- Networking.
Networking in person has been very successful for me personally. When I first started out in business I joined a networking group called BNI (Business Networking International ). All the groups in Ōtautahi / Christchurch already had a Business Coach so I teamed up with my accountant and a couple other friends and we started our own group BNI Kinesis.
For the past almost 18 years we have met every Wednesday morning to support each other. I can’t tell you how many Eggs Bene I’ve had over the years but there would be a sizeable pile of egg cartons that’s for sure.
BNI was, and still is a great way to build trusting relationships with others in business. I have given and received numerous referrals that would be in excess of $1M in revenue. It’s not that hard to give $1M in referrals if you can refer a friend who needs a builder to build their dream home.
It’s has served me well and I am grateful for the trust of other fellow members whom I have had the privilege to support over the years and also people they have introduced to me.
I did a review recently and added up the value of business I have received from being part of BNI and it’s over 70% of revenue which is why I have struggled looking at other ways to grow my business.
#3- Distraction and Time Killer.
If we are not careful, aware, or disciplined, social media can be a massive distraction and time killer. We may jump online to check in on our friends status, we may seek some entertainment, some education, and before we know it something else has popped up , grabbed our attention and we are heading down a path we never intended. This pulls us away from the things we value and we become less productive.
#4- Becoming less Present.
I have noticed my own phone use has gone up and I have been less present for people I care about. My daughter Ella has just set up some time restrictions on my phone so I can limit my use on certain apps. They shut down when I reach the time limit and I need to make a conscious decision whether I override the time or not. This has been working well for me so I recommend giving this a go if you are finding yourself becoming less present.
#5- Addictive.
These apps have proven to be very addictive, and not in a good way. I have experienced this personally and my family have suffered as a result of me being less present and less attentive to their needs.
For the reasons above I have been reluctant to use social media for my business. Up until this year, I have not had a Facebook business page or an active one. This is my first post since launching yesterday.
Overcoming my struggle:
Whilst I prefer kanohi ki te kanohi (face to face) , these past 18 months have forced a change in my business due to Covid.
Client hui (meetings) moved to online platforms. My meeting room, whiteboard and flip charts were swapped out for Zui (Zoom), Google meet, laptop and my iPad electronic whiteboard.
During Covid, I have noticed an increase in Solo-Preneurs and business owners needing support navigating the challenges Covid presents. Job loss, market segment changes, new compliance and mandates are just a few of the challenges business owners are facing and this is causing huge stress and anxiety.
When working 1:1 and face to face, I am limited in the number of people I can support and where I can support people. By embracing online and social media, I will have greater reach and be able to make a positive difference to more people, not only the business owners but those they influence and impact too. I have the ability to connect with others around Aotearoa and further afield.
I’m looking forward to working through the challenge as I find myself going through “The Process of Change”…. something I’ll share another time.
Where are you on your online / social media journey? Are you a Pēpi (baby), just starting out? Rangatahi (youth), where you have some knowledge but have plenty more to learn? A Rangatira (leader), where you are guiding others through their online/ social media journey? Or are you a Kaumātua (respected expert), showing others the ins and outs of everything there is to know? I’m keen to hear what stage you are at. Please comment below!
Mā te wā, Pēpi Kuz

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