Maximising your Relationships = Maximising your Business

In the weekend my wife Hayley and I , along with 13 other couples from church headed up to Hanmer for a "Married Couples Retreat". Our church has been running a series of workshops and sessions during the year with a purpose of enhancing and enriching relationships. We spent the weekend reflecting on our lives, marriage and whānau. We looked at marriage from a spiritual, physical, and emotional perspective and we were introduced to some tips and tools that will help us to create an even brighter future.
I gained some valuable insights and realised that I have been less present around the home recently. Upon reflection I realised it was due to some major projects I have been working on. I have been doing some extra study, research for my business and I have been using little time blocks to make some positive progress, which is all good, however there was a consequence.
Reflection is such a powerful process and exercise to do to make changes for the good. It reminds me of the saying " Things happen mindlessly, until we become mindful" . By stopping to get awareness and greater clarity, this helps us to make better choices and decisions to achieve better results and outcomes.
Sometimes owning and running our business can get our lives way out of balance and we become married to our business. Giving it all our attention at the expense of other important aspects of life. I know several marriages that have broken down, and families broken up because of work or business pressures, causing a lot of stress, strain and heart ache for those involved.
The good news is it doesn't have to be that way. We can make some changes and we can have time for all the areas of life that are important.
Yes we need to be committed and focussed on our business, but we don't want it to have a negative impact on our marriage and or be to the detriment of our family. It doesn't need to be an either or scenario. We can achieve a healthy life balance with the right tools, and the right structures.
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