Writing a Vision and Mission Statement

How clear is Your VISION and how are you writing Vision and Mission statements?

People can’t be Passionate and Inspired about a Vision they can’t see……that goes for all of us. Three Steps to Bring your Vision to Life

Step 1 of Writing Vision and Mission Statements is: DEFINE the Vision to get Clarity of something far away, we would call upon our trusty Telescope, as the view is significantly clearer than with the naked eye. This is in the context of creating a vision of at least 5 plus years.

I suggest you pull out the Telescope within and use it to create your IDEAL scene. Use it to look out to what the view will be like 5 years from now. Hold that telescope within up to your eye and look through the lens. At first the view is a little blurry. But as you start to turn the focusing dial your view becomes a little clearer. As you’re turning the dial to make the view clearer you’re creating a clear picture of what your business or life is is like. Telescopes Imagine the ideal day, the ideal week, the ideal month, the ideal quarter, the ideal year. Imagine you have the ideal team, the ideal systems, the ideal suppliers, the ideal cash-flow, the ideal customers and clients, the ideal culture, the ideal marketing, the ideal premises, the ideal brand, the ideal resources, the ideal products and services. Imagine the activities you are involved in on a daily basis that you’re passionate about…. Remember to be creative, have no boundaries, don’t get caught up in the how, just get clear on the what……Now imagine how having all those ideal scenes is serving you….how is your lifestyle, describe how you’re feeling, and describe the impact it is having on your life and the lives of others.

Exercise, "Continuous Writing". With the creative juices flowing it’s now time to take out a blank piece of paper and just put pen to paper. Write the story and as pictures enter your mind, just write what comes up and keep going, use the various areas of your business or life to kick off the paragraph. Use vivid words and use all your senses. You can start out by starting each paragraph as……..My ideal scene when I turn the dial on my telescope and focus on my Finances Team…….

For example: My ideal scene when I turn the dial on my telescope and focus on my Team is I notice how everyone is working harmoniously, everyone is arriving to work with excitement, enthusiasm, and real purpose. When I stand back and observe their behaviours, and the way they are all communicating and interacting with each other, it’s like they’re all playing to the same beat. Even when someone is away the Team steps up and covers the work that is required to meet deadlines. It really does appear that Together Everyone Is Achieving More. Our team members are getting thank you cards and letters from our customers and clients, and they comment on their enjoyable experience. I’m so grateful and proud of our team and really enjoy celebrating our success with them and their families at our quarterly events. Now continue the process for the various aspects of your Business and see what starts to appear. Notice how you’re feeling and notice your energy levels. Remember to stick with the what….not the how.

Step 2: DETERMINE The Steps to get there Having this new focus of the Ideal scene means you can now set specific Goals and create an ACTION Plan. It’s key to determine the steps and then be deliberate in following through on them by taking action. For example the first Goal might be "To have everyone in roles that match and play to their strengths and unique abilities by the end of the next quarter". Another goal might be "To have all our meeting structures and communication process established and functioning by the end of the quarter".

Step 3: DO IT!! This is the most important step of all. It’s no use spending time to get creative, get specific, set goals, and plan unless you’re actually going to EXECUTE or IMPLEMENT the Plan. Ensure you set time in your calendar each week to work on them. Where your ATTENTION goes your ENERGY Flows……..

To your success,

Karl Waretini (The Crayon Coach)

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