The Process of Change

The Five Stages of Change


When going through changes in our personal, professional or business life we tend to go through this process in stages. What we have to keep in mind through the whole process is our end goals and our purpose for engaging in this change. One way we can power through each stage of change is by being aware of what is in store for us at each point. So let’s outline the 5 key stages in the process of change.


The first stage is… EXCITEMENT!!

This is where we are feeling really excited and enthusiastic about our decision to change and we are anticipating all of the positive results that the process of change is going to bring us. For example if you are considering buying a house you can’t wait to have to own space, to be on the property ladder and start to be paying your own mortgage instead of a stranger’s. This change is going to be awesome and you can’t wait, until…


The second stage… DENIAL…

The seeds of doubt have been sown, have I got what it takes? Can I really commit to this financially? What will I do if it doesn’t work out? Whether you’re a verteran entrepreneur or a rookie, a wiley businessman or a shelf stacker at the supermarket, everyone when going through change will encounter this stage, it’s about seeing it coming and powering through. 


The third stage… OVERWHELM

We start to feel the responsibility here. It feels like there is so much on our shoulders and there’s so much to do but so little time to do it in. The key to this stage is to slow it down. Remember that we don’t have to do everything at once, use The Power of Focus to see where we are best off starting and go from there. Once we have gone through the first 3 stages we will arrive at…


Stage number four… ACCEPTANCE

Ok look, here we are, whether it’s going well or going poorly, it is definitely going and whatever comes up we can deal with it and we will. Acceptance leads into…


Stage five… CERTAINTY!

Here we are, clear on what is happening and clear that our goals are in front of us. Remember that regardless of what stage you are at in your process, you will not be there forever. You will definitely go through all the stages and it is important to remind yourself that “This too shall pass”. Whether it’s good times or tough, nothing lasts forever.

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