Goal Setting Guide


When was the last time you set a goal and achieved it?

Success leaves clues, and when reflecting on your own experience or others' experience, you get the opportunity to create a system or a process to achieve your goal consistently.

Several years ago, I was introduced to a simple formula to achieve CONSISTENT Results. Think about the various businesses and organisations that you immediately think of as CONSISTENCY businesses. To help you out, think about the numerous Franchise Brands. Look at those businesses that have multiple sites, locations and outlets. There are hundreds in the food industry alone.

Now notice that whenever you visit them, you’ll notice they have the same branding, their shop layouts are similar, the ordering process is the same, the pricing, the products and services are all the same…they’re all providing a CONSISTENT product, service or experience…

Now, what does this have to do with a Goal Setting Guide, you might ask?

This is about achieving your goals CONSISTENTLY.

By embracing the formula STANDARDS + SYSTEMS = CONSISTENCY, you will have your RECIPE for success. The trick is you have to create your Recipe, and you have to stick to it.

To help you understand this process, think about a recipe for baking a cake or cookies.

You will notice that the recipe is made up of ingredients, and there are measurements of each (STANDARDS)
For Example

1 CUP Flour                                                                                           
1 Table Spoon Coco
1 teaspoon Baking Powder
1/2 Cup Sugar
50g Butter
1 egg

etc etc etc

Then the recipe has the Steps and order to mix the ingredients (SYSTEM)
For Example

Step 1. Sift Dry Ingredients into a bowl
Step 2. In another bowl, cream melted butter and sugar,
Step 3. Add egg to creamed butter and sugar and stir to smooth
Step 4. Add creamed butter mixture to dry ingredients

etc etc etc

To bake the cake with a CONSISTENT outcome, you need to follow the recipe

and the same process goes for achieving your Goals CONSISTENTLY

An essential STANDARD to your Goal Setting Guide is to apply the iSMART rule.

Every Goal you set needs to be


Examples of goals following the iSMART Goal Setting Guide in various aspects of a business are:

1. Sales Revenue "In 90 Days, I will have signed contracts for all customers agreeing to our 10% rate increase".
2. Operational "In 90 Days, we will have our team training program confirmed and implemented."
3. Admin "In 90 Days, we will have collected all outstanding debts outside 30days."

Examples of goals following the iSMART Goal Setting Guide in personal life:

1. "In 90 Days, I will complete my first Marathon."
2. "In 90 Days, I will have the house landscaping project completed."
3. "In 90 Days, I will have my first e-book completed."

You’ll Notice a 90 Day theme as part of the Goal Setting Guide. The reason for this is 90 Days is a great time-frame to achieve meaningful Goals. It is a good time-frame that is between a marathon and a sprint.

It is long enough to allow time to complete, yet not too far away that you don’t bother taking action, and it’s short enough to ensure you take action, get some traction and momentum, so you start to see positive RESULTS for your efforts quickly.


Make this formula part of your Goal Setting Guide

To your Success!

Karl Waretini (The Crayon Coach)

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