Abundance vs Self-Limiting Beliefs

Ever since I started my journey on Personal Development, deliberately and on purpose, I was constantly reminded by those in the know that we need to embrace the concept of Abundance and have an abundant mentality. My interpretation of this subject of abundance is that there is more than enough of everything for everyone. There is an abundance of Food, Water, Love, Money, Opportunity and practically everything else you can think of. Someone once told me that if all the world's money were distributed equally amongst every living person, each would have over a Million Dollars. When I was growing up, I can recall comments that I had to work hard for money. Money is hard to get. We can’t afford that. Money didn’t grow on trees and all that stuff. Now I know several family members over the generations have had to deal with a range of different challenges that I haven't, and  I can totally understand how one can reach those conclusions. In more recent times, we are hearing about many challenges out there now, which might make it hard to grasp the concept of Abundance…….So where has all the money gone? Is there less now than in the last decade? Did someone pack a heap of it up and send it out somewhere else? Surely the same money is out there now; it’s just not flowing. So I guess we have some choices. We can choose to hold onto Self Limiting Beliefs or Past Beliefs, or we can choose to embrace some new Beliefs like an Abundance mentality that there is more than enough for everyone. Now say each comment below out loud and register the emotion that is connected.

It’s tough times right now, and It’s hard to make money! ….what emotion is connected, how does that comment make you feel?

It’s a great time to be open to the abundance of opportunities and maximise them to make money!….what emotion is connected? How does that comment make you feel?

Which comment is your Belief?….which one do you choose?

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